Legacy Capitals – Trusted Counsel for Wealthy Families

Legacy Capitals was formed to advance the work that has taken place within global corporate institutions and universities over the past quarter-century related to how trusted advisors serve financially successful families, and how families prepare themselves for their assets.

Our client-focused approach ensures trusted advisors and financially successful families alike have all of the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to flourish across the generations by maximizing all of their capitals – financial, intellectual, social, human, and spiritual.

The five capitals, Spiritual Capital, Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, and Human Capital

With our extensive experience serving trusted advisors, international financial institutions, law firms, and financially successful families, we are in a unique position to improve and expand client relations, help trusted advisors unlock the full potential of their business by building bridges to the next generation of clients, and helping families live their intended legacies.

Our goal is to help our clients meaningfully transform how they interact from a transactional approach based on short-term success to lasting happiness and success built upon a trusted relationship with clearly defined goals and objectives for each stage of the relationship. While our process and approach takes courage and a willingness by all parties to adapt and grow, the results transform client-advisor relations.

Why Engage Your Family with Legacy Capitals?

We know that there are those who are tired of the status quo, one-dimensional success, and simple answers to complex questions. Therefore, we challenge and inspire our clients to think differently about the important decisions in their personal lives and professional work.

From transferring wealth to the next generation, to evolving from an advisor to a trusted family advisor requires commitment, higher-level thinking, and courage. Thus, we equip financially successful families and trusted advisors with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to successfully undertake the challenge of making the decisions that will transform their personal and professional life in close alignment with their goals and values.

What We Believe

  • True success and wealth is multidimensional.
  • Those pursuing excellence have to be intentional about how they use their time and energy each day.
  • One can be both financially successful and have personal and family success.
  • Each individual, family, work-team, and organization has the following set of capitals: financial, intellectual, social, human and spiritual.
  • Investing into our spiritual capital provides the ultimate navigation tool for our major decisions and transitions.
  • It is not about striving for balance, but instead knowing when to invest in and deploy each of our capitals for each situation and season of our personal and work lives.

Our Vision

We empower families to fully leverage their financial, intellectual, social, human and spiritual capitals in order to live their legacies with meaning and purpose.

Our Mission

We educate and enable financially successful families and their trusted advisors to thrive and prosper across generations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Legacy Capitals does not provide insurance, accounting, legal, cash management, investment, estate planning or other financially related licensed services.