“I have been looking for some time and have not found a company like Legacy Capitals that brings together the research pertaining to family wealth, and a deep expertise working directly with Trusted Advisors and wealthy families. I would recommend them to any Advisor that wants to grow their business and bring more value to their clients, and to any wealthy family that wants to ensure their family properly stewards their wealth and flourishes across the generations.”
Market Leader, Global Financial Services Company

“Dr. Richard Orlando has been an integral part of my business for over a decade. He helped me plan and manage my team as it grew from a 2mm per year in revenue business with 5 people, to a 25mm+ annual revenue business with 19 Associates. Now, Richard has become an integral part in my top clients’ multi-generational planning issues. Through coordinating and advising on family retreats and family life issues Richard is a core partner on almost all aspects of my business.”
Top 100 Barron’s Advisor

“You have been instrumental in guiding our family to a higher place. You are talented, thoughtful and full of good practices and ideas. You have made our family better.”
Ultra High Net-worth Family

“Nothing I have seen contributes more to a team’s functionality and how everyone is working together than Dr. Richard Orlando. In the past we might have thought that the markets or individual skills would have the most impact on success, but as the complexity of each client has increased, it is the team unit serving each client and its functionality and efficiency that ultimately determines success.”
Executive Field Leader

“Our Next Gen Boot Camp for children of clients in their 20s and 30s really exceeded our expectations as far as the impact it had on the participating families and in our team’s understanding of family dynamics. We could tell that each of our participants benefited from the dialog that Rich led throughout the session, but we found that the real value came from the conversations that happened when they got home. Rich laid a great foundation for these young adults to take a first step towards being prepared to inherit wealth. Several participants have already expressed interest in having their families work with Rich one-on-one to continue that dialog.”
Trusted Advisor Team

“As a small business owner, ideas are plentiful but resources are scarce. Richard has provided me the opportunity to hash out and refine ideas utilizing his broad exposure and narrowing it down for my application. Whether it is breaking down grand ideas and allocating time lines with appropriate resources or dismissing concepts which may be too complex to execute; talking through ideas rather than experimenting with valuable resources is a priceless asset. Richard has provided valuable objective advice from outside my industry. Competing for profits and market share can be very lonely, struggling to find trustworthy support. Competitors, investors and academics all pose different risks to my business. Executing well thought out plans has yielded return on investment and the practice of this process has enhanced his integration into these continuous iterations.”
Small Business Owner

“Richard Orlando has been a coach and mentor for our team for over a decade and he has been a major factor in our development and success. As the team leader of a high performance wealth management and private banking team, he has helped me personally and our team individually and collectively to build the tools and skills that have propelled our evolution to our present position as a leader in our firm and the industry. Most recently, he has worked with several clients to facilitate family meetings, legacy planning, family governance and value preservation across generations. His unique skills, understanding and experience make him a highly valued coach and counselor to our clients and our team.”
Top 100 Barron’s Advisor

“Dr. Richard Orlando has been a speaker in our 2011 and 2012 Next Generation Financial Boot Camps, addressing the children of our UHNW clients in Latin America. During his presentation, Dr. Richard Orlando has touched on the concepts of Family Wealth, Family Governance, values and the importance of having an open dialog within the family. Richard’s presentations have received the best feedback among all speakers, which proves not just the relevance of the topic, but also the knowledge and expertise that Richard has in this matter. Furthermore, one of the most impressive characteristics of his presentations has been the interaction that they have generated, having the participants actively engaged and sharing experiences, asking what other families have done, and raising specific issues that they go through in their own situations, families and family businesses. I have found Richard Orlando a great resource in this subject, he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in this matter and has created a lot of interest in the attendees to discuss and learn more about Family Issues and Family Governance.”
International Managing Director