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$41 Trillion Transfers to the Next Generation by 2052.

Will you be ready to capitalize?

Serving your existing clients and growing your future business in this market climate is becoming more difficult to do. Between 80% to 90% of heirs reject their parents’ financial advisors soon after receiving their inheritance.

Take our 5-question survey to quickly assess where you stand with wealth transfer opportunities. When you’re done, we’ll give you more info that can help you improve your odds of success.

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Advisor Survey

Our success index will help determine if you and your financial services team, practice, or firm are ready to successfully manage the wealth of your client-families as the wealth transfers from one generation to the next, differentiate yourself from your competition, and demonstrate the value that no technology (e.g., robo-advisors) will ever be able to deliver.

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Your Score
Range Profile
5-12 Silver
13-19 Gold
20-25 Platinum

Using the rating table above, determine if your total score aligns with the Silver, Gold, or Platinum profile.

Silver - This result suggests that there is an opportunity to quickly focus time and energy on preparing yourself, team, and firm on the opportunity before you, otherwise, you may be at business risk in the future.

Gold - Focus more of your time and energy on those questions that you answered undecided, disagree, or strongly disagree. Following our recommended next steps will help you accomplish this.

Platinum - Congratulations! Continue to build on what is working and look for innovative ways to advance your knowledge and toolkit to stay ahead of your competition. For example, join our Legacy World or sign up for our e-Learning Courses.

Next Steps

If your profile was either "Silver" or "Gold" here are the recommended next steps you can take to increase your success index score in the future. If your profile was "Platinum" and you are not familiar with the resources below, we would recommend selecting one or two to advance your knowledge and toolkit.

  1. Read these articles:
  2. View our FAQs.
  3. Intermediate
  4. Read our Blog Posts.
  5. Listen to our Podcasts.
  6. Advanced
  7. Sign up for one or more of our e-Learning Courses that will prepare you for your NextGen opportunity.
  8. Read one of our Books.
  9. Ask us a question and receive a response from a Legacy Capitals professional within 48 hours.

Contact us if you want to engage Legacy Capitals to work with you, your firm, and/or your client-families.

FAQs (Kitchen Table Questions)

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