So, Who Do We Serve?

HNW/UHNW Families

There's a better way to ensure a lasting family legacy.

Our coaching and consulting help your family plan for your intended legacy plus challenges like how to communicate about your wealth, prepare your children for leadership, and how to have the greatest impact on others.


Families Advised

Benefit from our experience serving many other families with the same challenges - and opportunities - as yours. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of wealth.


Average Net Worth

Each week our team advises successful families with high net-worths and ultra high net-worths. Our client Values range from $10s of millions to billions.


Books Published

Our team is not only caring, compassionate, and knowledgable, but also we are literal experts on legacy planning for HNW families. Benefit from our decades of experience.


HNW Family Staff Members

We don't just advise successful families, we came from the same situation. We truly understand the special inheritance dynamics at hand.

Coaching for the Immediate & Extended Family

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Current Wealth Holders

You've achieved many goals and are benefitting from your labor. How do you make it last? Learn how - it's easier than you think!

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The Next Generation

A legacy is never just about the current wealth holder. Your success can be grown through your children and theirs.

Your Future Family

Building a legacy is preparing your heirs - and theirs. Get the skills and approaches needed to ensure it.

HNW legacy planning from HNW coaches.

Kristen Heaney, Legacy Capitals Coach & HNW family member

"I'm living it alongside my clients every day, so I understand. Having trusted guidance as you navigate the challenges and decision points that are unique to wealthy families is so rare and valuable. It's what I needed as an unprepared inheritor 20+ years ago - it's what my family and I continue to need today. I consider it a true privilege to guide client-families as they bring strategy and multigenerational conversation to their planning because I know this work will pay human capital "dividends" for generations to come."
- Kristen

How We Serve Families

Our team offers a variety of in-person and virtual services focused on key aspects of planning for your legacy and managing transitions in your family.

Our virtual, on-demand programs and information sessions are video-based and engaging.

Our customized family engagements can be delivered on-site or via video conference as you desire.

  1. Current Wealth Holders You’ve built something worth saving and sustaining. Acquire the skills needed and benefit from our expert advice to successfully implement a legacy strategy.

  2. The Rising Generation Parenting, communication, decision-making, and inheritance concerns abound for HNW families. Quickly get organized around the best ways ahead and stay clear of obstacles. 

  3. Family Business Members Many HNW families have benefited from a family-run enterprise. Most have also run afoul of its family member challenges. Keep your business on the right path and plan for sustainment when you’re gone.

  4. Custom Family Programs There is no single solution for families that want to actively plan for future legacies. Take advantage of our custom training, events, coaching and advising. In-person, online or however helps you best.

Family Business

Live. Work. Thrive.

Get your family business in balance. Better sustain your legacy across generations.

We help family members live their legacy - not just plan for leaving it. Our digital programs and in-person coaching are for families who want their businesses - and relationships -to stand the test of time.
Being related by blood or marriage isn’t a guarantee family members will successfully work together in a business.

As an owner or member of a family business, you know there is much to do to make your family business successful now and across the generations.

Since family members associated with a family business often wear multiple hats at the same time, there is a set of core learned skills a family must possess in order to succeed together in business.

Our Services For Family Enterprises

Succession/Continuity Planning  |  Governance Development  |  Aligning Family Stakeholders  Leadership Coaching  Establishing Family Policies  |  Communication Skill Enhancement  |  Multi-Gen Family Meetings & Retreats  |  Incorporating Legacy Values in Estate Planning  |  Including Rising Generations in Family Philanthropy  |  Family Charter Development

Your Family Business is Still Your Family

Whether you’re leading a family enterprise or working as an integral part of it, creating a shared vision of where you all are now and where you need to go is vital to planning a lasting legacy.

How We Help the Family Behind the Business

Multigenerational Family Meetings & Retreats

Learn to plan and execute effective meetings and retreats designed to bring the whole family together to work on building for now and the future. Enhance communications, practice parenting, and build a family team.

Customized Family Engagements

Every family is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to communication, decision-making, and bridge-building. With our guidance and coaching, get your family on the right track no matter the moving parts.

Succession & Continuity Planning

It’s rare when family businesses span more than the second generation. Effective planning for succession can overcome the challenges and create a lasting legacy for the future.

Family Governance Development

Decision-making amongst family members and new generations can be difficult at best. Create structures and processes that are both human, compassionate, and ensure your business has continuity of operations.

Family Leadership Coaching

Our coaching focuses on both the current generation and arming the next generation with the vision, skills, and resources to carry on your legacy throughout your life and theirs.

Legacy Planning

Don’t waste the love, effort, and time spent building your family enterprise by failing to plan appropriately to realize your vision of where it ends up. Plan now, ensure an ideal tomorrow.