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Successful estate planning is more than a will.

HNW Inheritance Planning & Family Coaching

Our parent and family programs plus expert coaching let you cover all the bases from how to have the family wealth conversation, preparing the rising generation, setting up a philanthropy strategy – and everything in between.

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Why seek help planning for your heirs’ inheritance?

Financially successful families experience both blessings and burdens. How a family navigates this dynamic will determine if their values and valuables flourish across the generations.

Our HNW Family Services

Plan your family’s desired future – and a more meaningful present.

Financial Parenting Program

The Financial Parenting Program offers education and coaching for parents who are considering the implications of raising school aged kids in the context of significant wealth. Content offered includes how to handle difficult questions such as "Are we rich?" It's a framework for financial parenting initiatives by developmental stage, as well as actionable ideas to implement money experiments at home.

Family Business Consulting

More than just succession and continuity planning, we take a holistic approach to helping you chart the best course - and most ideal future - for all involved. Let us help you work together toward a shared vision of your family enterprise.

Financial Fitness Program

The Financial Fitness Program aims to equip and empower teenagers and young adults to successfully navigate the world of personal finance. Program content includes technical financial literacy topics as well as areas related to wealth values and relationship to money.

Leading Generation Program

The Leading Gen Program aims to prepare parents to have a clearer understanding of the purpose of their family resources, how to talk about their wealth without talking about the numbers, and how to prepare their children for the opportunities & responsibilities of wealth.

Rising Generation Cohorts

Our NextGen Program aims to connect a small group of high-achieving peers in a meaningful way to strengthen skills to maximize the opportunities, and minimize the impact of common obstacles, that accompany being part of a successful family.

Bespoke Family Engagements

Fully-customized programs to meet your needs with Multigenerational Family Meetings & Retreats, Philanthropy Planning and Consulting, Family Governance Development, Family Leadership Coaching, and Legacy Planning.

Family Meetings & Retainer Style Engagements

We offer a range of engagements that include consultation, discovery process, virtual family meetings, and in person family meetings. These offerings can be an ongoing engagement or customized to meet your needs.



This process includes one on one meetings with each family member, a success Index assessment to determine your families core strengths and growth opportunities and a virtual family meeting to review the process with recommendations from our team.



Membership offers your family access to resources to help you communicate and plan as a family


Meet with our team so that we can determine your families size, complexity, and goals.



Our engagements include virtual and/or in person family meetings, coaching, customized trainings, governance support, and legacy planning



We offer ongoing support, guidance, and resources for your family

Why Legacy Capitals?

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No Substitute for Experience

We've helped hundreds of families navigate inheritance strategy, generational communication issues, and parental decision-making challenges associated with wealth transfer. If you're facing it, chances are we've seen it before and can help you overcome it more easily.

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We Are HNW Families Ourselves

Our team is made up of expert, compassionate legacy advisors and coaches with advanced degrees, many years of experience, and, yes, several of us are from financially successful families too. This gives us a key perspective you simply won't find elsewhere.

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People-focused & Technology-driven

At its essence, our business is people. We help families communicate, decide, and ultimately flourish across the generations. Our team is specifically-assembled of empathetic specialists supported by the latest digital tools and resources to better serve your family.

Virtual Offerings for Families

Our programs for HNW family legacy planning are quick and convenient ways to acquire the skills and practical tools you and your family need to better plan and manage all aspect of wealth transfer.

Family Programs