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Serve existing clients better. Attract new families more easily.

CE Approved Training and Continued Professional Development for Financial Advisors

Let our online training programs and digital tools teach you how to secure and grow business via sought-after, qualitative multigenerational wealth transfer best practices for your high net worth family clients. Official Continuing Education for CFP® and CPWA® pros.

The $84 trillion question: Are you ready to advise HNW families?

$84 Trillion transfers to the Next Generation by 2050. Securing existing client-families and growing future business in this climate is becoming difficult to do. Between 80% to 90% of heirs reject their parents’ financial advisors soon after receiving their inheritance.

Whole Family Advisor® Training & Consulting

Learn to use dynamic tools to engage your client base - and attract new ones. Make yourself, your team, or your firm an indispensable member of any HNW family team.

On-Demand Continuing Education

Train at your pace, anytime and from anywhere. Our online courses lead you quickly and easily to new skill sets and a new certification.

Whole Family Advisor®️ Associate (WFAA) Certification

Earn an innovative industry certification that will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and expand the value you bring to your clients.

Legacy Academy Membership & Learning Platform

We embrace the latest tools and techniques to deliver timely, up-to-date training that expands your value-added family offerings.

Whole Family Advisor® Training Program


See the Whole Family As Your Client

Acquire the process, tools, and skills needed to better serve your existing family clients and attract new ones. Plus extend your skills further amongst your team for optimal results.

Our programs are expert-led, research-based, and self-paced courses designed to give you the skills you need to successfully compete in your marketplace.

Whole Family Advisor® Associate Certification

Once you have completed all four of our Whole Family Advisor training courses, you are eligible to become a certified Whole Family Advisor® Associate.

Certification Benefits

  • Use the of the WFAA designation in your marketing materials and online social media accounts.
  • Add your logo to a white-labeled version of all of the Client Tools from the Family Engagement Tools course.
  • Consultation with a Legacy Capitals coach.

Advisor Membership


Stay at the leading edge of the HNW/UHNW industry with continued professional development & ongoing valuable resources for your clients


Always Free
Best for an emerging Whole Family Advisor® looking to enhance their foundational skills with industry leading knowledge & resources.


$199 / month
$2,189 / year

Best for Advisors looking to further develop the core strategies & skills required to effectively serve the qualitative multigenerational planning needs of their client-families.


$499 / month
$5,489 / year

Best for Advisors who want full access, including the option to add a logo to sharable resources and on-demand consultation with the Legacy Capitals Team.

Up to 5

$5,760 / 6 months
$10,560 / year

Best for firms or teams who want all the benefits of Individual Pro Plus membership bundled with full access to virtual training courses, discounted at a group rate.

Up to 15

$10,800 / 6 months
$19,800 / year

Best for firms or teams who want all the benefits of Individual Pro Plus membership bundled with full access to virtual training courses, discounted at a group rate.


Customized Pricing
Best for firms or teams seeking a custom, solution-oriented package that combines membership resources and training with direct client service and/or curated content.

Webinars & Workshops


We offer webinars and workshops to educate your team of advisors and the families you serve.


Sign up for our virtual coaching package to meet one-on-one with one of our certified coaches. This package includes 5 1-hour sessions.