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A One-Stop-Shop for Community, Education, and Support

Our array of offerings provides various opportunities to prepare individuals from successful families, with the tools, resources, and community to be prepared and empowered to take on future roles and responsibilities associated with family wealth.

Our RisingGen Programs Offer:

Peer Connection & Community Support

Leadership Development

Technical Skills Education

Frameworks to Thrive Amidst Wealth

Our Programs:


One Year Virtual Program | Empowerment, purpose, and leadership skills development | For RisingGen 30+

This small group of peers finds empowerment and preparation through a series of open, meaningful conversations across a year together. Balancing education and peer connection, this program allows participants to develop skills needed to maximize the opportunities, and minimize the common obstacles, that accompany being part of a successful family.


3-Month Virtual Program | Exploring how wealth impacts our identity, relationships, and life journey | For RisingGen in their 20’s

Designed specifically for RisingGens in their 20’s from affluent families, this program invites young adults to explore and develop their perspectives, identity, and future life path.


Ongoing, Open Virtual Membership | Fosters peer connection in opportunities to learn together | For any RisingGen adult

This larger, more informal community of RisingGens offers a safe place to connect with others who understand the unique experience of being in an affluent family. Compelling topics and speakers, designed to prepare participants for their current or future roles and responsibilities, are offered along with text group conversations, and best practices and exclusive resources to bring back to your family.


12-Month Virtual Program | Learning technical skills needed for stewardship | For any RisingGen adult

This small group offers RisingGens the opportunity to expand their knowledge in key areas such as investing, estate planning, tax, and trust administration. This 12-month facilitated program offers access to Tamarind Learning’s Accredited Beneficiary Stewardship self-directed learning platform, along with twice monthly peer meetings for support, accountability, and opportunities to apply their learning.