The Legacy Capitals Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy Capitals Academy™

Whole Family Advisor™ Associate Certification Program


For what type of professionals is this certification training program designed?

The Whole Family Advisor™ Associate (WFAA) certification is designed for a professional advisor who is responsible for providing services to financially successful individuals, couples, families, or related organizations (e.g., charitable organizations).

Are there required prerequisites that have to be met in order to register for this program?

Yes. An advisor shall be eligible to participate in the program so long as he or she meets two of the three following requirements:

  1. He or she has received a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. He or she has two or more years of work experience in his or her present job or related professional discipline.
  3. He or she has received one or more of the following designations or degrees:

Certified Financial Planner, Certified Private Wealth Advisor, Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Retirement Management Advisor, Certified Investment Management Analyst, Certified Senior Advisor, Wealth Management Certified Professional, Certified Professional Coach, Juris Doctor Degree (or Bachelor of Legal Letters), Masters in Tax, Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Doctorate Degree in Psychology, or such other designation or degree separately approved in writing by Legacy Capitals LLC on a case-by-case basis.

How is the Whole Family Advisor™ Associate (WFAA) certification different from other industry certifications such as the CFP, CPWA, CLU, CPA, CAP, and so forth?

It is different in two primary ways.  Firstly, it is based on over two decades of consulting, coaching, and training advisors and financially successful families, as well as Legacy Capitals’ proprietary research. Secondly, it focuses exclusively on the qualitative aspects of family wealth, family business, and multigenerational planning.

Can I just complete the module training and earn the CE credits without also registering for the Capstone Experience leading to certification?

Yes. You can just register for the module training and attain all the benefits (e.g., 5-step practice management process, scripts, family engagement tools, process to design and facilitate family meetings, CE credits, peer learning, etc.) without also registering for and completing the Capstone Experience leading to certification.

Who are the instructors for this program?

The instructors are part of the Legacy Capitals team. Our team is comprised of professionals who have an intimate understanding of family wealth and family business, hold advanced degrees and various certifications, have authored two books and numerous articles, and have over two decades of experience consulting, coaching, and training advisors and financially successful families.

Does an advisor have to attend and participate in all of the live video-calls?

Yes. If an unforeseeable circumstance arises and an advisor is not able to attend a live video-call, the advisor is able to attend the class offered on the alternate day of that week. Given that there are only nine live video-calls, only one missed class session is allowed during the certification program and advisors. If an advisor must miss a class or plans to attend the alternate class on any given week, he/she must give 24 hour notice.

What happens if I fail one of the quizzes at the end of a module?

Each advisor will have a total of three attempts to pass each quiz (70% or higher passing grade). If the advisor does not pass a quiz in the first two attempts, we suggest he or she take a few days to restudy the materials before retaking the quiz for the third time. If an advisor is not able to pass the quiz after three attempts, a Legacy Capitals instructor will conduct a call with the advisor to discuss his or her options, such as retaking the respective Module.

What video technology platform does this certification program use?

This program is delivered via the ZOOM video-conferencing platform. It is very important that the advisor ensure this platform is set up for the device(es) (e.g., laptop or tablet) he or she plans on using for this program. To do this, click on the following test-link and set up your device as soon as possible to ensure that it is fully functional prior to the start of the program.

Will an advisor be refunded the program registration fee if he or she decides not to continue the program?

If an advisor decides he or she no longer wants to participate in the program and notifies Legacy Capitals at least two weeks prior to the start of the program,  he or she will be refunded the registration fee (either the full or partial registration fee, depending on what has already been paid) minus a $750 USD cancellation fee. If the program has already begun, the advisor will receive a credit toward another program.

Is there a discount for registering more than one advisor from the same firm or institution?

Yes. If one firm or institution wants to register five or more advisors, there is a ten percent discount per advisor. To receive the ten percent discount, please contact us (via the “contact us” link or 609-917-0161) prior to or after registering online.

If a firm or institution wants to register at least twenty advisors, please contact us for enterprise pricing (via the Contact Us page or 609-917-0161).

Is there an annual fee to maintain the Whole Family Advisor Associate Certification?

There is no annual fee to maintain the certification. However, there is an annual $795 USD licensing fee* to continue using the co-branded version of the tools provided in the program.

* The licensing fee is subject to change.